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As Minnesotans face the challenges of COVID-19, the role of the front line caregivers has never been more crucial. We all want to keep our critical team members in their roles, doing what they do best. This is why the foundations of Allina Health are joining together in an effort to support the needs of all our caregivers at this important time.

Now, more than ever, we are counting on donors to partner with us to meet the challenges ahead. The Allina Health Caring for Caregivers Fund was created to provide immediate financial support for our employees who experience financial challenges during this crisis.

Give Now to support our caregivers and all who make our essential services possible. 
For more information about the Caring for Caregivers Fund or other ways to get involved, click here.

Your generosity makes a difference

As a not-for-profit organization, Owatonna Hospital Foundation reinvests in our community by supporting services and programs that deliver exceptional care and services to our residents. Over the past several decades, hospitals have been receiving less reimbursement from insurance companies and the government than what it costs to provide the service. Also, the costs of labor, medications, technology and the number of uninsured Americans are increasing. Collectively, these forces have increased the need for healthcare philanthropy.

Your gift to Owatonna Hospital makes a difference in the lives of your neighbors, your friends, and your family. With contributions from you and other generous donors, we can continue delivering exceptional healthcare services for residents of Steele County and surrounding communities. These gifts enhance the services we provide for patients, families and our community neighbors. 

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Owatonna Hospital Foundation video

Owatonna Hospital Foundation supports the health of communities served by Owatonna Hospital through philanthropy, advocacy and stewardship. This four-minute video explains the history Owatonna Hospital Foundation and how donations work to improve facilities and programs which support community health.

[MUSIC PLAYING] The mission of the Owatonna Hospital Foundation is really to support Owatonna Hospital's mission and vision, which is to provide exceptional patient care and to be the best personalized health care experience in southern Minnesota. 

The Foundation supports the hospital through our values of advocacy for the hospital and the foundation in the community, and stewardship of time, talent, and resources given to the foundation and the hospital, and philanthropy by providing opportunities for engagement and giving. 

The result is this beautiful facility that was built on this healthcare campus in 2009. The support of the community and the area is certainly quite evident throughout the campaign-- Expanding The Dream is what it was called-- began with major corporate sponsors-- corporate employers here in Owatonna, Federated Insurance being one of them. You'll see the beautiful entrance as you come into the hospital and the establishment of the quarter mile walking path that's here throughout. Because, again, the emphasis is health and wellness. 

And then Viracon-- I remember walking through the shop floor and seeing these racks with this etched glass and being told, well, that's going into the hospital. So again, it's part of the welcoming atmosphere that you see when you walk into this facility. Many other businesses, organizations and individuals supported the campaign that was done. And we continue to need and generate funds for expansion of various areas to continue the wellness atmosphere that we see here throughout. 

The vision of Owatonna Hospital Foundation is to support the ongoing needs of Owatonna Hospital. The foundation, all the way from the get-go has provided the big source of funding to build our new hospital-- raising $3 million to really enhance the amenities and the healing environment that we offer here. We always have needs that are unmet by our operations and things that we want to do that really are outside of our core business-- one of those being to implement integrative therapies in our facility. We were fortunate enough to attract the Penny George Health and Healing Institute to Owatonna and we now can bring those outpatient services to our community and make it a reality. 

Part of our dream when we build the facility was to be able to offer this and through the help of the foundation and the Penny George Foundation, in addition, we're going to make that happen. 

We have beautiful art throughout the hospital that changes quarterly. We do that in partnership with Owatonna Art Center. 

While serving on the foundation board, I've had family members and friends, certainly, that have had to use this facility and my time, too, will come. Belonging to the foundation, now, we continually support and tell the story of this hospital atmosphere, emphasizing the health and wellness of the community. Our whole region is served by this facility. 

One of the things that we and the [? Allina ?] Hospital Foundation here in Owatonna continue to look for our new community members. It's a great opportunity to serve, give back-- however you individually see that happening. 

Donations of time, talent, and resources are needed at this time to support Owatonna Hospital Foundation. The communities we serve, our patients and our employees. 

And our hope is to build an ongoing base of support that we can tap into for philanthropic contributions to make our dreams reality. 

Charitable gifts play a major role in helping us achieve our mission. It's with these dollars we're able to provide assistance to patients who can't afford their treatment, build state-of-the-art facilities to better serve patients and employees and create a healthier environment for all of us to live, learn, and work in. 

To find out more about the Owatonna Hospital Foundation and how you can give or get involved, please visit our website site at or call us. Give today and make a difference in the health of tomorrow.