Ways to give

Give online

We are grateful for the thoughtfulness and generosity of our donors. That's why we make it convenient for you to make a tax-deductible donation online.

By phone

When you call, we'll be happy to answer any questions and take your credit card donation. Simply, call (507) 217-5188. It's easy. It's fast. And it will make a difference.

By mail

Complete this form and send it with your donation, so we can acknowledge and direct your gift.

Make your check payable to New Ulm Medical Center Foundation and mail it to the address below...

Allina Office of Philanthropy
c/o New Ulm Medical Center Foundation
2925 Chicago Ave S
Mail Route 10103
Minneapolis, MN 55407

Specific ways to give

Memorials and tributes - Create a lasting remembrance of a loved one or honor a person or event.

Matching gift program - Check with the human resources department at your workplace to see if your employer matches contributions.

Planned gifts

You want your gift to make a difference, but are concerned about your own future financial needs and those of your family. Planned giving provides a way to support the hospital right now without sacrificing your ability to meet current and future financial obligations. Planned gifts fall into three general categories:

  • Outright gifts – Make an immediate difference! You can meet some of our most pressing needs by donating cash. Plus: 
    • It's easy to set up 
    • You potentially receive the maximum tax deduction
    • You will see the immediate effects of your generosity
  • Create a legacy with your will. A donation in your will or living trust, called a bequest, allows you to support our work without parting with assets today. Some advantages include:
    • Simple to set up
    • Can be changed at any time
    • Could provide estate tax relief

Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) – Enjoy a lifetime of payments while supporting us. When you set up a CGA with us, we make fixed annual payments to you, or someone you name, for life. Payments are based on your age on the date of the gift. After your lifetime, the remaining balance of your gift supports our mission. Some advantages to a CGA include:

Charitable gift annuity example: Mary, 76, established a $100,000 charitable gift annuity. Based on her age, she was able to receive an annuity rate of 5.8%. This means that we will pay her $5,800 each year for the remainder of her life, of which $491 (for 11.8 years) is tax-free to her throughout her life expectancy. She'll also receive a charitable deduction of about $40,000 if she itemizes on her income taxes (assumes annual payments and a 1.8% charitable midterm federal rate – deductions vary based on income earned). After her lifetime, the remaining amount is used to support our mission.

Single  Rate %   
65 4.7%
70  5.1%
75 5.8%
80 6.9%
85 8.0%
90 9.0%
Joint Rate %
65/65  4.2%
70/70 4.6%
75/75 5.0%
80/80 5.8%
85/85 6.9%
90/90 8.6%

  • Planned giving is attractive to donors for many reasons. With a planned gift, donors can often give larger gifts than they thought possible and can: 
    • receive a stream of income for life
    • often increase the yield they receive from their investments
    • benefit from a charitable income tax deduction
    • reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes or estate taxes

The benefits of planned giving provide the charity-minded donor with reasons to act sooner rather than later. We look forward to assisting you with your gift planning needs.

To learn more about this or other ways to support New Ulm Medical Center Foundation, please contact Missy Dreckman at 507-217-5188 or Melissa.Dreckman@Allina.com.