Care Coordination Initiative

The Care Coordination Initiative is a partnership of New Ulm Medical Center, South Country Health Alliance, Brown County Family Services, Brown County Public Health and the State of Minnesota. New Ulm Medical Center received a $366,312 Accountable Communities for Health Grant, which is part of a $45 million State Innovation Model (SIM) cooperative agreement awarded to the Minnesota Departments of Health and Human Services in 2013 by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Innovation (CMMI) to help implement the Minnesota Accountable Health Model. This project is also funded by South Country Health Alliance and New Ulm Medical Center.

These grants are helping New Ulm Medical Center and our partners provide care coordination services to our patients and area residents who are in need of additional services to manage their health, such as an older adult living at home, a patient who needs assistance managing current health conditions, medications, finances or activities of daily living, or any individual who would like to develop a strong support system. Our team includes socials workers, nurses, and pharmacists, in collaboration with your provider, to provide our patients and residents with additional support. In addition, we’re working to reduce the health disparities that exist between different populations in our region due to socioeconomic or environmental factors. 

As a result of the efforts in this first year, we’ve seen health improvements in our patients with asthma, COPD, depression, and diabetes, cancer screening rates have improved for breast and colon cancer, and emergency room and hospitalizations have decreased.

To learn more about this, please contact Kaylee Kamm, LSW, at 507-217-5078.