Mental health services

Our hospital-based mental health treatments at Mercy Hospital and Mercy Hospital - Unity Campus are individually tailored, providing the support and tools you need to improve your quality of life and achieve a successful recovery.

Full hospitalization for adults - at the Mercy Hospital - Unity Campus in Fridley

Counseling session

Mercy Hospital - Unity Campus' Adult Mental Health Inpatient Unit in Fridley serves as an intensive inpatient psychiatric setting for adults (ages 18 and older).

All patients have a primary mental health diagnosis and are experiencing an acute exacerbation of psychiatric symptoms that interferes with their ability to carry out activities of daily living. The unit accepts admissions facilitated by assessment and referral, direct admissions, medically stabilized transfers from the hospital's medical units and outpatients.

Patients receive around-the-clock care in a hospital setting while learning how to manage their illnesses. The attending psychiatrist directs the care team, which may include psychologists, registered nurses, behavioral health associates, program specialists, and program therapists.

Integrated patient care is accomplished through collaboration with other hospital services, such as pharmacy, nutritional services, laboratory, pastoral care and rehabilitation services.

To contact the Adult Mental Health Inpatient Unit, call 763-236-8500.

Partial hospital program for adults - at Mercy Hospital in Coon Rapids

Mercy's Adult Partial Hospital Program offers intensive mental health services for adults. The program is a less restrictive alternative to inpatient care for adults who need more than weekly outpatient therapy. It also assists patients who are ready to transfer from an inpatient unit to home.

Patients receive therapeutic services five days a week during the day, and return home in the evenings and on weekends. Patients attend the Adult Partial Hospital Program an average of two to three weeks. Structured programming and treatment by a psychiatrist and mental health professionals are provided in a safe, comfortable environment.

Participants attend the program from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Referral required

A referral is needed for admission to the Adult Partial Hospital Program.

Psychiatrists, family practitioners, therapists or county mental health agencies can call 763-236-7861 for information or to arrange an admission.

New services offered by Allina Health

Mental Health Specialty Services for Substance Use Disorders Program

This new program for adults featuring both individual and group therapy allows you to get care for both conditions in one place. Call 1-866-603-0016, and request a group therapy appointment with the “Mental Health Specialty Services for Substance Use Disorders Program.” 

Expressive Arts and Mindfulness Day Treatment Program

This rich, supportive, adult day treatment program can help you address mental health concerns, cope with stress and reconnect with positive directions for yourself. The program includes psychotherapy, arts therapies and mindfulness approaches. It features activities like meditations, walking and writing to help you bring creative mindfulness into your everyday life. 

Dual licensure for mental illness and chemical dependency

The 24-bed, inpatient addiction unit (Unit 2E) at Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus received dual licensure for Mental Illness and Chemical Dependency (MI/CD) in March 2017 from the Minnesota Department of Human Services.

This means that patients who come to the unit with a primary diagnosis of addiction and a secondary diagnosis of a mental health condition can be treated for both disorders at the same time, and don't need to go to multiple places to treat the related conditions.

"This model of integrated services is the evidence-based, best practice model which increases the rate of success for those suffering from addiction and mental health conditions," said Robin Ringer, an addiction services manager for Allina Health.

Unit 2E now offers:

  • a highly trained and skilled hospital unit for patients needing services to help them with withdrawal when they have a coexisting medical need
  • chemical dependency rehabilitation
  • longer-term care to treat both mental health and addiction conditions following withdrawal