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To join the M-Power Health and Fitness Center, or for more information, call 763-236-8024.

Mercy Hospital M Power Health and Fitness Center

M-Power Health and Fitness Center

Currently closed to the public

The Mercy Hospital M-Power Health and Fitness Center offers members the opportunity to exercise in a supervised, comfortable and safe environment.

In addition to your membership fee, our professionally trained staff are available to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Program description

M-Power Health & Fitness is an exercise and lifestyle modification program staffed by qualified health professionals. Members will work toward a healthier lifestyle in a safe and supportive environment. Heart rhythm and blood pressure will be checked as needed or upon request. The M-Power program includes an annual review with a therapist.

The program consists of:

  • Evaluation: You will receive a one-on-one initial orientation/evaluation session with an exercise specialist. Your specialist will work with you to design a personalized program based on your needs and goals. Staff will communicate with you on a regular basis about your progress and offer suggestions or strategies to help you succeed and keep you motivated.
  • Exercise: Programming will be based on your needs and may include exercises to enhance cardiovascular endurance, muscle conditioning, flexibility, balance, posture, or weight management.
  • How to Enroll: To enroll in the M-Power Health & Fitness program, you may need the approval of your physician. To schedule your first appointment or for more information, call 763-236-8024.