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Heart Failure Bridging Program

This is an exercise and lifestyle modification program for heart failure patients staffed by qualified healthcare professionals. They help you design a personalized exercise program and provide education based on your needs and goals.

The program includes a one-on-one consultation with a therapist for review of patient medical history,medications and diet. The visits also include a quick look of heart rhythm,blood pressure check, and evaluation of weight and symptoms. This program serves as a bridge between hospital discharge and the start of Phase 2 Cardiac Rehab, for those patients that are eligible for Phase 2.

Assistive devices are available to support mobility.

Advantages of the program:

  • Improves endurance in daily activities
  • Helps in maintaining independence
  • Reduces emergency room visits and hospitalizations
  • Individual education from dietician and pharmacist
  • Group interaction promotes friendships and social support

How to get started?

You will need approval from your health care provider before enrolling in this self-pay, low cost program. To schedule your first appointment and for information on cost, contact Mercy Cardiac Rehab at 763-236-8024.