Community partnerships

Mercy Hospital is highly involved in improving the health of the communities we serve. Just as we provide care to patients and their families, we also form community partnerships to improve the health of the community around the hospitals.

A dedicated staff works regularly with a wide range of community organizations on a variety of activities that reach outside our hospital and into the community. Through these activities, we not only improve the quality of life in our communities, we also help prevent medical problems from becoming serious.

Together, as neighbors and partners, we work to make our community a healthier place to live.

Faith Community Nurse Program

The Faith Community Nurse Program provides care for the spiritual, emotional and physical dimensions of healthcare for individuals and families. The program is a partnership of Mercy Hospital and faith communities in the north metro area. Participation is open to all faiths.

The Faith Community Nurse Program offers:

  • Personal health counseling - confidential listening, presence and prayer are at the heart of discussing health issues. Personal visits are made in homes, hospitals and other facilities.
  • Health education - educational workshops and materials to promote a better understanding of the relationship of one's lifestyle, attitudes and faith to wholeness.
  • Volunteer facilitation - connection to volunteers within the faith community such as a Care Team, BeFriender or Stephen's Minister.
  • Spiritual care - as it relates to an individual's life circumstances. Encourages the use of faith practices that are meaningful to an individual.

For more about the Faith Community Nurse Program, please email Lyla Pagels, RN, coordinator, or call 763-236-4342.

What is a faith community nurse?

A faith community nurse is an experienced registered nurse who understands and is committed to wholeness as it relates to health. Combining ministry and nursing, faith community nurses work with clergy, congregational staff, the health committee and other ministries in the faith community to address and respond to the unique needs within that community.

Our mission is to improve the health of our community by leading collaborative activities involving faith communities, county or community agencies and hospitals.