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If you would like to rent or buy a wheelchair or mobility scooter, call 651-628-4800 or 1-800-737-4473.

Please call the same phone number if you need your wheelchair or mobility scooter fixed.

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A mobility scooter can help you continue to enjoy independence and activities.

Wheelchairs, scooters

Wheelchairs, scooters and accessories

We offer many kinds of mobility equipment:

  • manual wheelchair
  • power wheelchair
  • mobility scooter
  • back and seat cushions.

Wheelchair service and repairs

  • If you have problems with equipment you're renting from us, call us for troubleshooting assistance or to exchange the equipment.
  • We also offer repair service for equipment that you own. Please call us to schedule the repair.
  • Upon request, we can provide "loaner" equipment while your wheelchair or scooter is being repaired.
  • We may submit a claim to your insurance company if you have coverage for the cost of repairs.