Family story

Husband, father, grandfather and businessman, Warren Shelvin passed away at 86-years-old. He had undergone seven hours of surgery to remove cancer. Shevlin's recovery started well, but eventually his body began to shut down. Shevlin said no to dialysis or any further treatment. He was transferred to Homestead Hospice House in Owatonna, where he spent the last day of his life surrounded by his wife, five daughters, grandchildren and sons-in-law.

"The hospice staff guided our family through this journey with grace, knowledge and compassionate love," recalled Shevlin's daughter, Joan Chavie of Faribault. "When Dad passed away, the hospice chaplain became our spiritual guide. She will forever be in our family's loving hearts."

A special family memory is of the white dove that was placed on Shevlin's door as a symbol of his passing.

"Our family wanted to do something to honor the place where Dad's body and spirit separated," Chavie said. They decided to make a donation to Homestead Hospice House's new Memory Path.

The Memory Path is 36 feet long, with plans for a circular extension around the patio area and into the woods. It consists of brick-like pavers made from recycled materials. Bricks can be purchased and engraved with a name or other message for $50 each.

Shevlin's family visits the Memory Path when they can.

"It's such a wonderful area, with the artistry of how they lay the bricks so that everyone has a space," Chavie said. "The path is like a garden, with benches that invite you to sit and be at peace."

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The Homestead Hospice House Memory Path offers a peaceful haven where people can remember loved ones or honor anyone in the community.