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Allina Health Hospice Foundation 
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Direct your gift

The Allina Health Hospice Foundation serves patient and their families by raising funds for end of life care that provides peace, dignity and comfort. Because of donors like you, we are able to provide extraordinary care to more than 4,400 patients annually. 

Hospice Funds

Honor Fund

This fund provides enhanced resources to veterans and their families, recognizing and honoring their service.  Funds raised support our hospice teams in their commitment to serve those who once served us. By giving to this fund, Allina Health Hospice offers veterans in our care a deeply meaningful end-of-life experience for their service and sacrifice.

Music and Massage Therapy

 These services provide physical and emotional relief for patients and families which are not reimbursed by Medicare or private insurance. 


This fund provides financial relief for patients and their families helping to purchase items like groceries, utility bills or funeral expenses.

Wedum Residential Hospice

 You can support a variety of needs for patients and families that choose J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice.

  • Wedum Compassion Fund helps hospice patients who need a residential hospice, but cannot afford the room and board expenses. This fund benefits residents at the J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice. For a gift of $250 or more, donors qualify for a brick to engrave in memory of a loved one permanently placed at Wedum as a lasting tribute.
  • Food for Families Fund helps provide comfort to families of hospice patients with home cooked meals available throughout the day
  • Dragonfly Fund helps support the purchase of beautiful, handmade stained glass dragonflies.  A tradition at Wedum, families are invited to select a dragonfly to be placed on the door of their loved one’s room as a sign of respect while they are actively dying. Families return home with the keepsake.
  • Ron Bagnall Fund is an endowment fund earmarked for future needs at J.A. Wedum Residential Hospice.

Area of greatest need 

Donors may make an unrestricted gift to be allocated by the Foundation based on the greatest priorities of Allina Health Hospice

Hospice communities

Allina Health Hospice serves hospice patients outside the Twin Cities Metro area. You can also support hospice care in the Hutchinson/Glencoe area and Owatonna.