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What if the focus during life’s final months was on living instead of dying?

“Before I needed hospice care, I thought hospice was a place you go for your final days. Instead, I learned that I can stay at home as I wish and spend priceless time with my family and friends. My expert care team from Allina Health Hospice keeps my symptoms under control and I feel well enough to keep doing the things I enjoy during these months, surrounded by the people I love.”

What if end-of-life care was as much for the family as it is for the patient?

“One of the toughest days of my life was when I learned my husband, Walt, had only a few months left to live. He had been very sick a long time. Some days, I felt more like a full-time caregiver than his wife. Then his doctor recommended we get help from Allina Health Hospice. Of course, the focus is on Walt, but the expert team from Allina Health Hospice has been here for me as well. They visit our home regularly for care and seem like part of the family. I’m also a more confident caregiver knowing they are available by phone any time of day or night. And with their support, I feel like Walt’s wife again, not his caregiver.”

What if experts caring for you during end of life seemed more like family?

“Watching people who clearly love each other take care of each other is inspiring. That’s why I’ve always approached caring for patients like Walt – and supporting his wife, Sarah – like they’re my own parents. There’s something especially sacred about caring for a person during their final months of life. Helping them be comfortable, live as fully as possible and share that precious time with their loved ones is truly rewarding. And the sooner families turn to us, the more we can do to help.”

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