Medical Messaging through your Allina Health account

Medical messaging is a convenient way to connect with your care team through your Allina Health account. Most medical messages are free. If you send a medical message that is not related to a recent visit, you may be charged. Your Allina Health account will notify you of potential charges before you send your message.

For new or urgent needs, consider virtual care. Allina Health offers many convenient virtual care options. Find other options for virtual care here.

When will I be charged for medical messages?

You will not be charged for medical messages related to a recent visit. This includes any visit that occurred within the last seven days. The following types of messages will continue to be answered free of charge.

  • questions about a medical visit that occurred within the previous 7 days  
  • scheduling an appointment 
  • prescription refill requests when refills remain available 
  • lab or imaging results related to a recent visit  
  • requests to complete medical-related forms 
  • inquiries that lead to the recommendation of a new visit 
  • updates for your provider not needing a response
  • inquiries requiring a quick, simple response  
  • messages initiated by your provider

If you send a medical message that’s unrelated to a recent visit, you may be charged. You may be billed for the following types of messages:

  • a new issue or symptom requiring a medical assessment or referral 
  • medication adjustments 
  • chronic disease check-ins or changes
  • medical advice requests
  • orders for labs or imaging 

How much could I be charged for a medical message?

For medical messages unrelated to a recent visit, you may be charged $49. Allina Health will bill your insurance or bill you directly. Many insurance plans cover these types of messages. To learn more about your plan’s coverage, contact your insurance company.

Why is Allina Health charging for some medical messages?

The number of medical messages has increased greatly over the last few years. This change will help us ensure our providers can respond to messages in a timely manner and ensure patients receive the best possible care.

How can I ask additional questions?

For questions about your Allina Health account, including medical messaging, you may call 1-888-425-5462.