Tracheostomy Care for Children


What is tracheostomy care? Tracheostomy (trach) care is done to ensure your child's trach tube and the area around it stays clean. This helps prevent a clogged tube and decreases the risk of infection. Trach care includes suctioning and cleaning your child's skin and parts of the tube. Your caregiver will show you how to care for the trach tube, and what to do in an emergency.


What are the parts of a trach tube?

What supplies do I need for trach care? Keep spare supplies with your child at all times while he has a trach tube. You may at any time need to suction or change the tube if it gets clogged or needs to be replaced quickly.

How can I prevent infections?

How do I suction my child's trach tube? You may be told to suction your child's trach tube at least twice a day. Your child's caregiver will tell you if you need to suction more often.

How do I care for my child's trach tube? Clean the area around the tube at least once each day.

How do I change my child's trach tube? Change the trach tube as often as your child's caregiver directs. You may also need to change the trach tube if it moves out of place or feels uncomfortable. You may need someone to help you change the trach tube.

How do I keep my child's secretions thin?

What steps do I follow if my child is having trouble breathing?

When should I contact my child's caregiver? Contact your child's caregiver if:

When should I seek immediate care? Seek care immediately or call 911 if:


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