Sleep study packing list

What to bring to the sleep center

Bring the following with you:

 comfortable two-piece pajamas or a T-shirt and gym shorts (You cannot sleep in the nude or in your underwear.)

 socks or slippers if your feet get cold

 clothes for the next day

 toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush/comb, soap,shampoo, hair dryer and other personal items (You will be able to take a shower the morning after the sleep study.)

 regular medicines you take: prescription and over-the-counter (Bring enough for overnight and the next day.) Your provider may have provided you with a prescription for a sleeping pill; if so, fill it at the pharmacy of your choice and bring it with you.

 sleep diary, if your doctor has requested on

 anything to help make your sleep feel more like home, such as a favorite pillow or blanket, book, magazines or newspapers, if you wish

 insurance/Medicare cards

 continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine or bi-level machine, if you have one

 evening and morning snack, if you have diabetes

 portable oxygen system for the ride to and from the Sleep Center, if you use oxygen at home. If you need to use oxygen during the test, it will be supplied at the Sleep Center

What not to bring to the sleep center

Please do not bring:

 jewelry or valuable items

 large amount of cash

 visitors, unless you have already talked about having visitors with the staff

Preparing for your sleep study

Arrange for a ride home, if needed. Check with the sleep center to see what time you will be ready to go home.

Try to have a normal sleep the night before the sleep study.

The day of your sleep study:

  • Get up at your normal time. Do not sleep in.
  • Take your regular medicine(s) unless you received other directions from your doctor.
  • Do not eat or drink caffeine after noon. This includes coffee,tea, cola beverages and chocolate.
  • Eat a regular meal at dinnertime.
  • Try to keep your normal daytime routine.
  • Do not take a nap.
  • Do not drink any alcohol.
  • Take a shower or bath and wash your hair. Do not use any bath oils, creme rinse or hair conditioners.
  • After your bath or shower, do not use mousse, gel, hairspray,make-up or skin lotion. These products will leave your skin oily and make it difficult for the sensors and electrodes to stay on your skin.
  • Acrylic/artificial nails need to be removed from at least one finger, if you have them
  • Men should be clean-shaven (except for men who have permanent beards or mustaches).
  • If you smoke, have your last cigarette before entering the building. You will need to be nicotine-free for two to three hours before the sleep study. Allina Health is a smoke-free facility.

Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Polysomnography (Sleep study), neuro-ahc-23688
Reviewed By: Michael Schmitz, PsyD, LP, CBSM, and Andrew Stiehm, MD, Allina Health
First Published: 04/01/2006
Last Reviewed: 03/22/2016