Meghan Hultman — senior nurse researcher

Meghan HultmanMeghan Hultman, RN, MSN, is a senior nurse researcher with John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute. She is largely involved with neuro-oncology based, industry sponsored research protocols. In addition, she assists with study design and development of research protocols for John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute internally generated research projects.

Research is essential to evidence-based practice, and Hultman appreciates the additional options it offers to patients. She acts as an advocate for patients and their families throughout the clinical trial process, starting from the initial exploration of research opportunities and continuing throughout their study participation.   

Hultman received a bachelor’s degree in biology from the College of St. Benedict followed by a master’s degree in nursing from Metropolitan State University and has been with the John Nasseff Neuroscience Institute research department since 2012.  


Hultman M, Trusheim J, Bruns P, Gilliland K, Kistner, A, Schrecengost A, Banerji N. Overall Survival and Health-related Quality of Life in Recurrent Glioblastoma Patients Receiving Intra-arterial Carboplatin after Standard Care. Society for Neuro-oncology Annual Meeting, San Antonio, TX, 2015.

Hultman M, Trusheim J, Bruns P, Gilliland K, Schrecengost A, Banerji N. Health-related Quality of Life in patients with recurrent high-grade glioma receiving intra-arterial carboplatin chemotherapy for disease control. Society for Neuro-oncology Annual Meeting, Miami, FL, 2014.


Meghan Hultman, RN, MSN
Senior nurse researcher
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