Scientific review

The Research Support Committee of the John Nasseff Neuroscience Instituted Research department reviews and evaluates clinical research protocols developed by Allina Health researchers to only determine scientific validity. 

The following questions will be addressed by the review committee:

  • Is the rationale for the study clearly stated and is the rationale scientifically sound?
  • Are the aims clearly stated?
  • Are the research questions or hypotheses clearly stated?
  • Are the primary outcome and secondary outcomes (if applicable) clearly defined?
  • Has an adequate literature review been done to support this study?
  • Are there adequate preliminary data in the literature (or from the investigator) to justify the proposed research?
  • Is the question or hypothesis being tested providing important knowledge to the field?
  • Is the design of the study appropriate for the questions that are posed?
  • Have the validity and reliability of measures been established or are there methods proposed for establishing validity and reliability?
  • Is the proposed subject population appropriate?
  • Are statistical considerations, such as sample size and  justification, estimated accrual and duration, and statistical analysis clearly described and adequate to meet the study objectives?
  • Are the investigators qualified to conduct this study?

Please contact with specific questions regarding the scientific review process.