Become involved

In order to conduct research at Allina Health, there are a few basic steps to get started. 

Allina Health requires the following training be completed:

  • Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) human subjects research training. Three modules are required: basic training, health information, and conflicts of interest. Additional modules may be required for particular studies. Please click here for more information on CITI training requirements. 

Once training is complete:

  • An annual Conflict of Interest disclosure through COI Smart must be completed.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) with research experience (if any) must be created and updated annually.
  • Review and understand how to comply with Allina Health’s Institutional Review Board (IRB) Policies and Procedures.
  • Contact the research department at for next steps on getting your study approved.

Please use the letter of intent template to provide basic information to the research department regarding your proposed study. This will enable a review of your project as well as provide a starting point for further development. Please contact with specific questions regarding the letter of intent process. 

JNNI Letter of Intent

Allina Health requires all study personnel who interact or intervene with subjects, or who have access to subjects’ identifiable information for the purposes of research, complete the required CITI courses. The required modules must be completed prior to submitting your study to the IRB. Please follow the instructions on the CITI Information sheet to sign up for an account, select required modules, and complete your training. Please direct any questions to the research department at

CITI Information Sheet