Honoring Choices

Advance Care Planning includes thinking about what’s important to you, talking with those who matter to you, and writing down your plan for health care and treatment in a Health Care Directive. This document is only used when you are unable to participate in medical care decision making due to a serious injury, illness or other medical complication.

The Honoring Choices Advance Care Planning Program for Faribault & Owatonna utilizes trained volunteer facilitators to help guide you through this process of thinking, talking, and documenting your wishes in a health care directive that is unique to you.

All adults are encouraged to complete a health care directive. Advance care planning is not just for end-of-life care planning, sudden health events can happen to anyone. Should you be in a situation where you can’t participate in your medical care decision making, identifying who you want to represent you and sharing your goals for health care and treatment can provide guidance and support at a crucial time.

Contact our office to learn:

  • Why advance care planning is always important and not just for end-of-life care planning
  • How to identify your health care agent and have an open conversation
  • The benefit of providing guidance for your health care choices and decisions through a health care directive
  • What is needed for a valid health care directive
  • Where to file your completed health care directive and who should have a copy

Honoring Choices Advance Care Planning for Faribault & Owatonna offers:

  • Individual facilitation by phone or through a secure social media/video platform
  • Online (virtual) classes through a secure social media/video platform.
  • In-person consultation so long as recommended precautions can be maintained to reduce the risk of spread for COVID-19.
  • In-person classes are not offered at this time. We will resume classes when it safe to do so.

For more information, contact the Coordinator

Phone: 507-977-2330
Email: honoringchoices@allina.com

Honoring Choices for Faribault & Owatonna is generously supported by our community to elevate the conversation about advance care planning. Through this support, all services are offered at no cost to the individual.

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