electronic Intensive Care Unit (eICU)

The eICU is an electronic Intensive Care Unit that is staffed by 24/7/365 intensivists—board-certified specialists trained in the management of critically ill patients.

While it doesn't replace bedside resources, eICU technology offers patients several advantages over traditional care:

  • Convenience—Patients receive expert and quality care 24/7/365, close to home in a familiar environment. Less travel time is also easier on the patient's family and support system.
  • Improved patient experience—through the use of eICU technology, patients have faster access to care as well as shortened length-of-stay ratios, as they're kept on-site due to immediate access to critical care physician and nurses when needed.
  • Improved clinical outcomes—eICU technology enhances best practice compliance to lessen adverse safety events and improve quality outcomes for critical care patients (i.e. reduced rates of complications and mortality).

Cameras are installed in each Special Care Unit room,allowing the eICU care team to closely examine critically ill patients, through real-time information via cardiac monitors, lab results, medications and carenotes via the electronic medical record. Plus for additional support, advanced video technology allows eICU clinicians to see close-up views of patient indicators like pupil size, skin color and settings on patient-support devices.

A button on the wall will allow the intensivist to join the conversation at any time—during rounds for consultation or to talk directly to the patient and family. Decision-support software continuously analyzes patient-specific data, alerting the team to changes in a patient's condition.

Any change in the patient's status notifies the eICU CARE team and prompts them to review and respond to the patient's new status.

eICU is offered in partnership with Avera eCARE, through Avera Health system in Sioux Falls, S.D., an integrated health system and network of medical professionals.

electronic Intensive Care Unit command center

Patient being monitored via electronic Intensive Care Unit

electronic Intensive Care Unit monitoring