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When to get help

Everyone has good and bad days. But there are times when the troubles of life can interfere with your ability to function or cope.

Talk to someone you trust or connect with the mental health care team nearest you if any of the following apply:

  • You feel a great sense of helplessness and sadness, and it doesn't get better despite support from family and friends
  • You're finding it hard to cope with everyday activities
  • You can't concentrate at work or school, and your performance is suffering
  • You can't stop thinking about terribly hurtful experiences from your past. Those memories are hard to talk about
  • You feel you're using alcohol or other drugs too much
  • Other people are worried about your alcohol or drug use
  • Your temper has gotten you into trouble
  • You keep getting involved in troubled relationships and can't figure out why
  • You're sleeping or eating less or more than usual
  • You have wide mood swings
  • You're no longer interested in the things that used to interest you
  • You worry more than you'd like
  • You have obsessions or compulsions that interfere with normal life
  • You've experienced panic attacks that make you feel like you're going to pass out or have a heart attack
  • Your actions harm others or could be harmful to others.