Planning for care after your hospital stay

Making plans for when you leave the hospital is an important part of your recovery. Your health care team will work with you and members of your care circle to plan for your discharge. This planning begins early during your hospital stay.

Depending on your needs, your plan for discharge may include rehabilitation after your hospital stay. There are different types available.

The type of rehabilitation you will need depends on:

  • your ability to take part in therapy
  • your medical and nursing needs
  • your care circle
  • the resources available in your community

There are many possible rehabilitation options for after your hospital stay. A social worker or other member of your health care team will talk with you while you are in the hospital to help decide which option is right for you.

Source: Allina Health Patient EducationUnderstanding Stroke, fifth edition, neuro-ahc-90662
Reviewed By: Allina Health Patient Education experts
First Published: 02/01/2006
Last Reviewed: 05/01/2018