Transplant coordinator

You will work most closely with the transplant coordinator. Please be sure the transplant coordinator has your most current information at all times.

Call this person any time you:

  • change your phone number (home, cell or work)
  • change your mailing address
  • are sick
  • are in the hospital
  • need any procedure or surgery
  • have any change in your general health
  • have any questions about your health and/or transplant surgery.

The coordinator is available to answer your questions and concerns.

Source: Allina Health Patient Education, Kidney Transplant Information for Recipients and Donors, renal_ahc_93498
Reviewed By: Allina Patient Education experts, including the Transplantation Department of Abbott Northwestern Hospital
First Published: 05/15/2009
Last Reviewed: 05/15/2009

The transplant coordinator may need to leave messages on your answering machine. Tell your coordinator if you have a private answering machine and if it's OK to leave personal messages about your health care. If you do not have an answering machine, you do not need to buy one.