When to call your health care provider

Call your health care provider if you:

  • gain 3 pounds in 1 day
  • gain 5 pounds in 1 week
  • have swelling in your ankles, legs and abdomen
  • have increased fatigue
  • have increased shortness of breath on exertion, shortness of breath at night or when lying flat
  • have an unexplained cough or a "hacking" night cough
  • cough up pink- or blood-tinged phlegm
  • have decreased urination during the day, but feel the need to urinate more often at night
  • need to sleep with more pillows at night
  • feel lightheaded or dizzy
  • have nausea or cannot eat, take medicines or both
  • have chest pain or discomfort with activity that gets better with rest 

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Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department, Heart Failure, fifth edition, 1-931876-31-2
First Published: 10/04/2002
Last Reviewed: 12/10/2015