Exercise and wellness resources

The more you move, the better you'll feel

Working out on machines
Working out in pool
Working out at the gym

Exercise, nutrition and wellness are vital parts of a healthy life. The hard part is to actually make the changes necessary to get you on the path to better health.

Your health and wellness routines and habits are especially important whether you are:

  • already healthy and want to stay healthy or
  • not in shape but want to get in shape or
  • if you are:
    • a cancer survivor,
    • recovering from a heart condition, or
    • have a physical disability or chronic medical condition that makes working out in a traditional fitness center or health club difficult

Exercise has been shown to help prevent a recurrence of breast cancer and decrease the risk of a second stroke. It can also help decrease fatigue, help you regain strength, and spur you to be more active.

Eating well gives you the fuel to exercise and heal.

And general wellness routines can help you better manage stress, set goals and eliminate or reduce barriers to wellness.

We can help you move toward your health goals!

Let Allina Health help you on your path to better health. We offer a wealth of resources and locations to help you reach your exercise, nutrition and wellness goals so you can be your healthiest and best self.  

Allina Health’s professional staff includes therapists and providers who are specially certified and trained to work with specific medical conditions, such as cardiac rehab and exercise physiologists who can assist you if you have a heart condition. For general fitness and health, you will also be able to access athletic trainers, fitness specialists, nutrition experts, wellness coaches and instructors.

Services include:

  • adaptive fitness centers with accessible equipment
  • Body Gem™ – Resting Metabolism Testing
  • cancer survivorship services
  • cardiac rehabilitation
  • certified cancer exercise trainers
  • fitness center memberships
  • endurance/cardiovascular, flexibility and strength-training exercise and equipment
  • fitness aftercare training
  • fitness profile/assessments
  • health and lifestyle management
  • group fitness classes, including yoga, Tai Chi, Tai Ji Quan
  • health condition monitoring — blood pressure, blood glucose checks, quick check EKG, etc.
  • integrative wellness coaching
  • mindfulness resources
  • nutrition consultations
  • pool classes and programs in warm water pools
  • pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Take Action Weight Management®