Forensic nursing services

If you've experienced violence in your life, you have immediate access to compassionate, sensitive medical care and treatment.

Forensic nurse examiners (FNEs) are specially trained nurses who evaluate patients for health risks associated with sexual assault, intimate partner violence, or abuse and provide appropriate treatment.

Allina Health FNEs are available 24 hours a day at the following hospitals to care for patients who have experienced violence:

Care and Treatment

At your request, you can see a specially trained nurse within 10 days of an assault. The nurse will explain procedures and tests and answer any questions you many have.

Some services you can expect may include:

  • identification and care for injuries
  • preventive treatment for sexually transmitted diseases
  • emergency pregnancy prevention
  • assistance with reporting to law enforcement
  • collection of evidence to be used in the prosecution of the crime, if you wish to report the assault
  • crisis intervention and referral to support services
  • referrals for appropriate medical follow-up
  • safety planning

You'll also receive follow-up, referral information and support needed to make choices about your health care needs.

Educating the community about family violence and sexual abuse

Forensic Nurse Examiners can come to schools and community groups to educate students and adults about:

  • sexual violence
  • health issues related to sexual violence
  • drug facilitated sexual assault
  • intimate partner violence
  • child abuse
  • safety issues
  • dating violence
  • healthy relationships

For more on education options, contact Karine Zakroczymski, RN, manager, Forensic Nurse Program, at 763-236-4172.

sane program

If you have been sexually assaulted or a victim of partner violence, you have experienced a serious personal trauma that affects the mind, body and spirit. You did not deserve it and it is not your fault. We are here to support you. You are not alone.


Sexual assault is a crime, and you have the right to report it, if you wish.

Regardless of whether you choose to report the assault, there are a variety of support services, including crisis intervention, counseling, support groups, medical care and legal help available.

Violence is a major public health problem. Understanding is the first step toward intervention.