Excellian EpicCare Link

Excellian EpicCare Link

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EpicCare Link is a web-based version of Excellian for community users that allows them to access select patient information and a subset of activities to improve continuity of care for the patient. These activities include:

  • Clinical review of the patient chart
  • Surgical features including viewing the Grease Board and Surgeon Daily Schedule
  • Viewing referrals from Allina
  • Discharge placement request review via In Basket

How to request a new site

Make sure your password follows these requirements:

  • minimum length of 8 characters 
  • must include three of the following:
  • must not be any of the previous eight passwords used

Passwords must not contain words common to Allina Health, such as:

  • password
  • Allina
  • United
  • doctor
  • nurse
Contact your site admin (the person who set up your access at Allina Health)

Call the Allina Health Service Desk at 612-262-1900 or 1-800-315-4085

Submit a new site request and provide the required information. Allina Health will then contact you with any additional questions and set-up instructions.
There are no costs for EpicCare Link access or usage.