Speech therapy

District One Hospital speech and language pathologists specialize in adult and pediatric speech therapy, swallow evaluation/treatment and video fluoroscopy. We offer a variety of services for children and adults with communication and/or swallowing difficulties.

Speech therapy services

Speech therapy services include the treatment of communication and swallowing problems for those affected by stroke, traumatic brain injury, tumors, disease, neurological disorders and birth defects. Communication deficits may include:

  • understanding oral and written language
  • expressing oneself verbally and in writing
  • word finding problems
  • pronouncing words
  • cognitive function such as memory, attention, organizing thoughts, following directions and slurred speech
  • speech fluency
  • voice problems

Swallowing problems (dysphagia)

We treat a variety of swallowing disorders in children and adults and are a certified VitalStim provider which uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation to retrain the swallowing muscles. Swallowing disorders may include:

  • coughing or choking at meals
  • texture aversion
  • feeling as though something is “stuck”
  • frequent pneumonia
  • difficulty swallowing pills
  • limited ability to eat and drink safely
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woman using speech language tools