Integrated Health Partnerships — Medicaid Demonstration Project

Improving the quality and value of care 

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is committed to leading the shift to a new way of paying for health care based on the value that the care we deliver achieves. As a leader and innovator, we believe our innovative care delivery approaches can serve as state and national models for how to best serve complex populations.

Courage Kenny’s participation in the State of Minnesota’s Integrated Health Partnerships (IHP) allows us to expand our promising care models while being financially rewarded through the IHP’s shared savings arrangements for improving health and reducing costs for those we serve.

The IHP is part of the larger health care reform work being carried out by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, the state Medicaid agency. The goal of the IHP demonstration is to improve the quality and value of the care provided to the citizens served by MN public health care programs.

For Courage Kenny patients and clients, the IHP will include disability-competent primary care and specialty services; high-touch care management; creative engagement strategies; and a blend of clinical, community, and in-home services.

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute will continue to advocate that care models move away from fee-for-service toward payment for outcomes and management of a total budget that includes all the services our clients need to remain healthy and independent.