Certified Educator CPE Training

The Certified Educator training program at Allina Health is designed for persons who have demonstrated "excellence in the practice of [clinical ministry]." Professional identity and competence are essential foundational capabilities in all trainees seeking admission to this program. Considerable focus will be given to professional identity and practice during the period of training leading up to candidacy. Throughout his/her program, the CEC will have some responsibility to provide spiritual care to patients and staff at Allina Health. However, as the CEC progresses to increased supervision of students in the clinical setting, his/her direct clinical duties will diminish in proportion to the amount of actual supervisory work assigned. In that fashion, the CEC will grow toward an identity as a Certified Educator.

Certified education includes the development of theory out of which practice grows and practice out of which theory emerges. Learning the art and craft of pastoral supervision occurs both in the academic (or theoretical) and the experiential arenas. Each phase of training will include aspects of skill development, theoretical mastery, and growth in self-awareness.

  • Certified education is a community enterprise. Peer learning in this intense process remains an important component of our educational philosophy. This Center's Certified Educator Candidate(s) (CECs) and Certified Educators (CEs) participate in a Community of Practice peer group, ACPE webinars, and the ACPE Core Curriculum which can be found on the ACPE Certification website.
  • CECs choose and develop competence with the major theorists that will direct his/her supervisory work in areas of theology, personality develop and education. Though some survey of major theorists will be offered in the curriculum, the CEC is ultimately responsible for much reading and research from primary sources.
  • Consistent presentation of one's clinical work is essential for CECs. Opportunities for such presentations will occur weekly with their CE and in peer groups. A respect for diversity will be cultivated. CEs and CECs will be encouraged to define and celebrate their own uniqueness and that of their students and colleagues.


To qualify for this program, students must have completed a graduate theological or related degree and four units of ACPE CPE with clear evidence of completion of Level I/II Outcomes.  Clinical spiritual care experience is required with BCCI Certification preferred prior to application.

Application process

  • Contact the Allina Health Clinical Pastoral Education Center to discuss potential openings.
  • The ACPE Certified Educator Candidate Application and written requirements are required for admission to the Allina Health CPE Center. A formal process with the ACPE Certification Commissioner will be part of the admission into formal ACPE Educator Candidate status.

For more information regarding the ACPE Process, please review their information on Admission to the New Certification Process and review their Admission Competencies Assessment Form.

For questions regarding Certified Educator training at Allina Health call 612-863-1304 or email us.