Chaplain residency

The Allina CPE Center is accredited to offer chaplain residency programs at Abbott Northwestern, Mercy Hospital, and United Hospitals.  These programs offer advanced, specialized training in clinical spiritual care. The programs emphasize spiritual/theological integration and ethical reflection. Residents experience clinical assignments that provide in-depth exposure to specialty areas, enabling each student to become an integral part of the health care team.

These clinical assignments are available as part of the residency program at Abbott Northwestern Hospital:

  • Cardiovascular Services
  • Childbirth and Women's Health
  • Mental Health
  • Neurology and Neurosurgery
  • Palliative Care
  • Rehabilitation

These clinical assignments are available as part of the residency program at United Hospital:

  • Birth Center
  • Heart/Lung
  • Medical/Surgical
  • Mental Health
  • Neurology
  • Oncology
  • Orthopedics

Curriculum focus

Each unit of the residency program curriculum has a different focus or theme articulated through a project or integrative paper:

  • 1st unit focus: Personal/Professional Integration Self-awareness: identity and authority formation. (Who am I? Who am I as minister/pastor/priest/spiritual care practitioner? Why am I doing what I am doing?) Spiritual/Theological grounding for ministry
  • 2nd unit focus: Professional Competency Theological/Critical Reflection on Practice: developing the reflective practitioner (What am I to do, now that I know who I am and what grounds my authority?)
  • 3rd unit focus: Professional Leadership & Empowerment How do I engage collaboratively with others in seeking justice and transforming systems? Constructive theology for a healing/transforming ministry
  • 4th unit focus: Integration Involves 'thickening' all of the above in one's personal and professional narrative. To be an educated theological practitioner is to know how to enable others to reflect theologically (to do theology) about their lives and about the systems that shape all of our lives and then to act creatively and collaboratively as an expression of one’s faith


The CPE residency programs last 12 months.  Please see our Calendar of Programs for current offerings.


$750 for the first unit; $250 for each subsequent unit of the residency year.

Stipend and benefits

More information on stipend and benefits.


To qualify for this program, students must complete one full unit of ACPE accredited clinical pastoral education and have a graduate theological or equivalent degree program. Ordination and pastoral experience are preferred, but not required.

To apply

Complete the Allina Health CPE Center Application and/or visit the to apply section.