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Spiritual Care and Pastoral Education Department

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) at Allina Health is an integral part of the Allina Health Spiritual Care and Pastoral Education Department.

Our mission

Allina Health promotes a healing environment in which the patient and their loved ones receive meaningful and comforting spiritual care, in which the student learns the skills and art of spiritual care while experiencing positive personal growth, and in support of the Allina health mission to prevent illness, restore health and provide comfort to all who entrust us with their care.

Our scope of practice

  • Quality spiritual care: providing whole-person care through meeting the spiritual needs of patients and their loved ones through spiritual assessment, care and counsel in collaboration with the multidisciplinary health care team who addresses the needs of the mind and body.
  • Clinical education for ministry: promoting a relationship between the Allina Health and religious and spiritual communities by developing competent, moral, respectful and responsive spiritual leaders.
  • Leadership in ethics: promoting values of a just society within the hospital, health system and broader community.


The Allina Health CPE programs are founded on the principles of respect, honesty and fairness. The CPE educators attempt to create a learning environment where each of the student experiences clinical challenge, appropriate engagement and clear boundaries.

Allina Health CPE offers three types of programs:
  • Internship
  • Residency
  • Certified Educator Training 

These are offered through Allina Health’s CPE programs:

These hospitals are part of Allina Health, a non-profit network of hospitals, clinics and other services that provide health care throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

You are encouraged to apply at all sites that interest you.


The Allina Health CPE Programs are each accredited by the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE) to offer programs of Levels I and II and supervisory clinical pastoral education. Allina Health has had ACPE accredited programs  since 1970.

For more information, contact the ACPE:

Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.
55 Ivan Allen Jr Boulevard, Suite 835, Atlanta, GA 30308
Phone: 404-320-1472 | Email | Website