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Intensive therapy - TheraSuit Method

  • Strengthening Children with Neurological Disorders

    Courage Kenny Kids - Burnsville offers a unique and effective Intensive Therapy Program, for children with neurological disorders. The individualized therapy pairs a child with a physical therapist or physical therapy assistant, three hours-a-day, five-day- a-week for three weeks. The program is designed to accelerate your child’s progress in developmental and functional skills, with a focus on strengthening and core stability.

    Therapy sessions include use of a Universal Exercise Unit and TheraSuit® for stretching, range of motion, strengthening, balance and coordination. TheraSuit therapy focuses on strength and provides dynamic correction during gait training, body alignment and neurological re-educations

    To make a referral

    1. A physician order is required to participate.
    2. Your child must be able to understand and follow directions.
    3. We also require that you provide recent hip X-rays (within last six months).
    4. Complete and submit the Pediatric Intake Form. Be as thorough as possible so that we have a better understanding of your child’s needs. 

    After we have received the above documentation, we will contact you to schedule a physical therapy evaluation. The evaluation will help the therapist determine if your child meets the requirements for this program. If they do, the therapist will meet with you to set goals and schedule your child’s three-week session.


    Every insurance plan is different. It is important to understand your health care benefits before beginning intensive therapy. Please call your insurance provider to find out exactly what is and is not covered.

    This intensive therapy program using the TheraSuit Method will include:

    • a physical therapy evaluation, and a
    • three-week Intensive Therapy Program – (three weeks, three hours/day, five times/week).

    The therapy codes billed for include:

    • therapeutic exercise
    • neuromuscular re-education
    • therapeutic activities
    • gait training

    Your insurance provider can tell you if there is a limit on the maximum time and units covered in a single day of service. They can also tell you if there are policy exclusions for the codes listed above or for use of the TheraSuit. If your insurance company does not cover these services, give us a call. We may be able to assist you in justifying charges for appeal or give you private-pay options and prices.

    "TheraSuit" is a registered trademark of TheraSuit LLC.

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