Roster tip sheet

Roster Timelines

  1. Preliminary Roster- must be submitted 4+ weeks from clinical start date
  2. Final Roster - must be submitted 2 weeks from clinical start date

Separate rosters are required for each clinical rotation. Students must be registered for each and every experience.

  • Exceptions:
    1. Preceptorships:
      • Students going to the same site for the same date range may be listed on the same roster. If they are going to different sites they cannot be on one roster
      • If the student is doing multiple rotations at the same site,  each must be listed (only one semester at a time).
    2. Groups:
      • Students must be listed on a separate row for each clinical experience type (e.g. group, observation, clinical hours, leadership, project, etc.)
      • Nursing Group Students who are also completing a prep or orientation associated with the group may be on the same roster, all TCCP ID #s must be listed.

Allina Health Roster

  1. Identify type of roster by checking appropriate box
    1. Preliminary: Use for starting the registration process. Must be complete and accurate
    2. Final: Indicates that the school has validated that all requirements are met and the Final Roster Attestation is complete
  2. Enter in email of school contact completing roster

Allina Health Roster Completion Guide

Column Title Notes Resource Links


A#  Preliminary: Include A# if available.

Final: The A# is required.

B & C Last and First Names.  Must be full legal name  
D Middle Initial *Not required if the student does not have a middle name/initial.  
E Student Email Must be accurate  
F School Full school name Academic Affiliations
G Clinical Start Date Earliest possible approved start date for this clinical experience, not the semester. This is what is used for setting the timeline for compliance requirements.  
H Expected Clinical End Date
Latest date for this clinical experience, students may not be onsite after this date.   
I Clinical Experience Type

Drop down List. If more than one, requires more than one line.

Clinical: Hands on - day to day tasks of student type.

Group Observation: Must accompany a group request. Indicates that students will be on multiple units in a NO PATIENT TOUCH experience. Strictly Observation.

Leadership: Observation of a leader, small delegated tasks/assignments that does not involve a project.

Project: Involves practice change/recommendation, quality evaluation/improvement, research or academic inquiry.

J Graduation Term
Drop down list for expected graduation term  
K Graduation Year
List expected year of graduation
L Student or Onsite Faculty Drop down list; student or onsite faculty
M & N

Nursing & ADV Practice Student Degree Code OR

Allied Health Student Degree Code

Drop down list; Need to complete one column as appropriate. Reference student degree types

Highlight: RNB is RN to BSN, RN is for pre-licensure nursing regardless of the degree.

Student Degree Types
O Allina Health Clinical Site
Drop down list, reference clinical sites
 Clinical Sites
P Allina Health Unit or Clinic
Reference clinical sites for a list of frequently used units and clinics. If unit is not listed, please enter appropriate unit
 Clinical Sites
Q Total Clinical Hours

Hours for this semester only (New preliminary and final rosters are required for each semester if a continuing experience).

If more than one experience during the semester, each one needs a separate "line" for registration and hours should reflect that experience.

R Approving Contact/ Preceptor

This is the Allina Health authorized representative that approved this experience.  Also include preceptor name is known and different.

For nursing list: TCCP.

S TCCP ID #: required for APRN/PA & Nursing
TCCP/Student Passport Identification number used for request process. This is required ONLY for Nursing Students (RN, LPN, RN to BSN, etc.) and APRN/PA Students including MSN for clinical, leadership, and project experiences.


Allina Health Final Roster Attestation Guide

Allina Health Roster Complete A# for each student listed on Allina Health Roster Tab  
 Attestation Completed Fields for Signature, Date and Contact  
  If applicable, Completed for Non-Minnesota Nursing School Faculty License Information (Including APRN)
Roster Contacts:

Submission of Final Roster to appropriate Academic Coordinator

Academics Coordinator 
  For Nursing & Respiratory Therapy students needing cabinet access: submission of final roster to ADC/Omnicell Pharmacy Contacts
ADC/Omnicell Pharmacy Contact List
  For Site-Specific Parking & Badges (ANW, DOH, OWA): submission of final roster to Site Contacts listed on Site Specific Directions.
Parking & Badges Contact List
  Site safety leads: See Allina Pandemic- COVID-19-Precaution-Requirements Allina Pandemic- COVID-19-Precaution-Requirements