Roster tip sheet

Roster Requirements:

  1. The Allina Health Roster tab must be completed in full and sent to Academics Coordinator 6+ weeks from clinical start
    • Exceptions:
      • A#: This is only used for the final roster submission
      • TCCP ID: This is only required for APRN/PA & Nursing Students
      • Middle Initial: Not required for students who do not have a middle initial
      • Degree Code: You only need to enter in 1 degree code, either in ADV Practice/Nursing OR in Allied Health
    • You must select if you are submitting a preliminary roster or final roster at the top of the form
    • Student/Onsite Faculty Name(s) must be full legal name (nick names, abbreviations, misspelled names, etc. will delay clinical start)


  1. Separate rosters are required for each clinical rotation
    • Exceptions:
      • Students going to the same site for the same date range may be listed on the same roster
      • Students must be listed on a separate row for each clinical experience type (e.g. group, observation, clinical hours, leadership, project, etc.)
      • Nursing Group Students who are also completing a prep or orientation associated with the group may be on the same roster, all TCCP ID #s must be listed.


Final Roster Attestation Requirements:

  1. Completed Final Roster Attestation tab a minimum of 3 weeks prior to clinical start date
    • Each Required Onboarding Item Checked for Completion
    • Completed Fields for Signature, Date and Contact
    • If applicable, Completed Non-Nursing School Faculty License Information
  2. Submission of Final Roster to Academic Coordinator
    1. For Nursing & Respiratory Therapy students needing cabinet access: submission of final roster to ADC/Omnicell Pharmacy Contacts
    2. For Site-Specific Parking & Badges (ANW, DOH, OWA): submission of final roster to Site Contacts
    3. Site safety leads: See Allina Pandemic- COVID-19-Precaution-Requirements

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