Roster Tip Sheet

Roster Timelines

  • Preliminary Roster:
    1. Submit preliminary rosters 6-8 weeks, and no less than 4 weeks prior to the academic experience start date.
    2. Will not be accepted more than 90 days prior to the academic experience start date.
    3. Within a week of submitting the preliminary roster, remember to send students your edited version of the "Communication template to send to student on required steps."
  • Final Roster:
    • Must be submitted at least 2 weeks before the academic experience start date.


  • Onsite Faculty: Faculty who intend on observing patient care/interactions, patient data review, or in patient care areas (or virtual if involving patients or patient data) – even if for only a short time. Where the word “student” is used, it is also required for onsite faculty. Onsite faculty information must be included in a row on both the preliminary and final rosters for registration.
  • Clinical: Where the word clinical is used – it also applies to non-clinical students in a clinical organization. Allina Health is a clinical organization, even if the experience is not.

Directions for roster completion see: