Required onboarding checklist

  1. Current Allina Health Clinical Experience Agreement on file with Allina Health
  2. MN or WI (based on clinical site) DHS background study
  3. Immunizations complete as outlined in Allina Health Infection Control Policy-Appendix G
  4. Completion of required and assigned education with Allina Health (Including eLearns, in-person training, etc.)
  5. Compliant with Allina Health’s COVID Protection Plan including:
    • Reviewed/will comply with Allina Health Clinical Students/Faculty Pandemic (COVID19) Precaution/Preparation Requirements
    • Submitted Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire to Employee Occupational Health
    • Agreed to not provide care in procedural areas or care for patients who are PUI/Known COVID until fit testing is completed
    • Agreed to comply with all system and site policies for monitoring, prevention and care of infectious diseases
    • Attested to understanding that even with full precautions Allina Health cannot guarantee there will be no incidental exposure to COVID-19
    • If applicable, School has prohibited students from caring for patients who are PUI/Known Positive for COVID-19

In addition, the school must maintain documentation of background checks and immunization records and provide a copy within one business day when requested by Allina Health.