Individual Clinical Experience Agreement

At this time, Allina Health is not completing any new agreement requests for non-employees.

Allina Health employees as students - If school is not listed on academic affiliation list:

  1. Review and complete the Allina Health request and approval process
  2. Once you have an accepting clinical site/preceptor, an Individual Clinical Experience Agreement with your school is required. To initiate this process, submit the below information to
    • Student Degree
    • Clinical start date
    • Expected clinical end date
    • Accepted preceptor(s)
    • Allina Health site
    • Academic affiliation
    • Academic contact name
    • Academic contact email
  3. Allina Health will launch the agreement process with your school. This process may take several weeks to complete
  4. If an Individual clinical experience agreement is established, All procedures for Allina Health student preparation must be completed prior to the start of the clinical experience.

Academic agreement contact:


Additional resources:

  • An accepting preceptor or experience does not guarantee an approved clinical placement, an established Individual Clinical Experience Agreement is Required
  • If this is a project based experience, an established CEA does not guarantee an approved clinical placement. Please complete the project request form. Once you receive approval, please initiate the Individual Agreement Request.