Clinical Student/Onsite Faculty

Once you have an approved clinical experience with Allina Health, your school will initiate the data collection process to create your Allina Health student profile.

  1. You will receive an email from The Clinical Coordination Partnership (TCCP) requesting your personal information (SSN, DOB, Address, etc.)
  2. Complete the request form with your personal information to launch your Allina Health student profile
    • Must complete within 5 business days, incompletion will cause a delay or termination of your clinical experience
  3. Following completion of data request, within 3-5 business days you will receive a "Welcome to Allina Health" email with your user ID, non-employee ID & a link to access Allina Health's Learning Management System
  4. Complete the eLearn modules assigned
  5. Review and complete COVID protection plan requirements:
  6. Provide your user ID (A#) and confirmation of completed courses and COVID requirements to your school with the established contact and timeline provided from them

Additional Resources:

  1. If attending clinicals or projects at the following sites, review site-specific directions: