Clinical Student and Onsite Faculty Onboarding Requirements

Once a clinical experience has been approved, the school must submit a preliminary roster to the appropriate Allina Health Academics Coordinator to initiate the student or onsite faculty onboarding process. This is required 4+ weeks from the clinical start. This roster will initiate the required next steps:

*This process must be followed in full, including Allina Health Employees as Students and returning clinical students

  1. You will receive a "Welcome to Student Passport" email from The Clinical Coordination Partnership, TCCP, requesting you to create a student profile.
    • This profile must be completed in full (Address, DOB, Phone #, Full SSN, etc.) within 5 business days. Incompletion will cause a delay or termination of your clinical experience.
    • Monitor spam/junk folders
    • If you already have a student passport profile created for Allina Health, please login to TCCP and review your information is current
  2. 3 weeks from your clinical start you will receive a "Welcome to Allina" email that provides your Allina Health IDs, password reset and a link to Allina Health's Learning Management System (LMS). If you have questions regarding the status of onboarding please contact
  3. Complete all eLearn modules assigned in LMS
  4. Review and Comply: Allina Pandemic- COVID-19-Precaution-Requirements 
  5. Complete & Submit Respirator Questionnaire to Employee Occupational Health-
  6. Review Allina Health Infection Control Policy-Appendix G
  7. Review documents below:
  8. Faculty only:
  9. Provide your A# & confirmation of completion of required onboarding items listed above to your school a minimum of 2+ weeks from clinical start

Review Additional Resources