Clinical Student and Onsite Faculty Onboarding Requirements

Once a clinical experience has been approved, the school must submit a preliminary roster to the appropriate Allina Health Academics Coordinator to initiate the student or onsite faculty onboarding process. This is required 4+ weeks from the clinical start. This roster will initiate the required next steps:

*This process must be followed in full, including Allina Health Employees as Students and returning clinical students

  1. You will receive a "Welcome to Student Passport" email from The Clinical Coordination Partnership, TCCP, requesting you to create a student passport profile (SPS).
    • This profile must be completed in full (Address, DOB, Phone #, Full SSN, etc.). Incompletion will cause a delay or termination of your clinical experience.
    • Monitor spam/junk folders
    • If you already have a student passport profile created for Allina Health, please login to TCCP and review your information is current
  2. Following step 1 completion, you will receive a  "Welcome to Allina" email that provides your Allina Health IDs, password reset and a link to Allina Health's Learning Management System (LMS). If you have questions regarding the status of onboarding please contact
    • This email can take up to a week to process. Please do not inquire on status unless your SPS profile is fully complete and you have passed the processing time of 1 week.
  3. Complete all eLearn modules assigned in LMS. These will be assigned within 24 hours of receiving your welcome email
  4. Review and Comply: Allina Pandemic- COVID-19-Precaution-Requirements 
  5. Complete & Submit Respirator Questionnaire to Employee Occupational Health-
  6. Review Immunizations Requirements Policy Appendix A 
  7. Review documents below:
  8. Faculty only:
  9. Provide your A# & confirmation of completion of required onboarding items listed above to your school a minimum of 2+ weeks from clinical start

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