Background study

Allina Health requires the Minnesota DHS background study for all clinical students. Allina Health requires the Wisconsin DHS background study for all clinical students within the past year.

  • It is Minnesota State Law [Minnesota Statutes Chapter 245C, Human Services Background Studies] that requires the Department of Human Services (DHS) background report. Allina Health complies with the State Law and cannot accept a different report in place of the MN DHS study. The law stipulates that all healthcare workers with patient contact must have a State of Minnesota DHS background check. This includes students and any faculty who will be in the clinical setting observing their students.
  • Allina Health requires the school to provide a signed final student roster. This must verify that the background check has been done and that the student is not disqualified (set asides are not acceptable). We do not need to see the actual documents but need to have record that it was done.
  • The school must open an account with the MN DHS in order to request background studies for clinical students.
  • To set up an account with the State of Minnesota Department of Human Services, call the Background Study Admin at 651-431-6620 or contact the DHS Background Student Administrator at the following email address: *The process can take 30 days or more, so be sure to plan accordingly.

  • For technical questions about the NETStudy systems, please send an email to
  • For background study status updates or cancellation requests, please send an email to
  • Copies of cleared background study reports may be requested during survey or regulatory audits. The school must provide the necessary documentation within one business day if requested for compliance verification.