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Academic program onboarding requirements

Once a clinical experience has been approved, the school must submit a preliminary roster to the appropriate Allina Health Academic Coordinators to initiate the student or onsite faculty onboarding process.

  1. Send Roster to Allina Health Academic Coordinator 4+ weeks prior to clinical start
  1. Send communication to Allina Health Clinical Student and/or Onsite Faculty providing required onboarding items to complete
  1. Complete Onboarding Items: *School to maintain documentation of background study and immunization records and provide a copy within one business day when requested by Allina Health.
    1. Background Study: Allina Health requires the school to complete the Minnesota or Wisconsin DHS (based on clinical location(s)) for all clinical students.
      • The school must open an account with the MN DHS in order to request background studies for clinical students
      • Background Study
    2. Immunizations: All Students and Onsite Faculty, including Allina Health employees, must meet the Allina Health student requirements for immunizations.
    1. Review and Comply: Allina Pandemic- COVID-19-Precaution-Requirements
    2. Confirm Clinical Students and Onsite Faculty have completed all required onboarding steps:
      1. Completed TCCP Student Passport Profile
      2. Received "Welcome to Allina" email with IDs and Link to Learning Management System to complete assigned eLearns - this is sent 3 weeks from clinical start date
      3. Provided A# to School
      4. Reviewed and completed required steps in Allina Pandemic- COVID-19-Precaution-Requirements
      5. Faculty only:
        1. Review Faculty Responsibilities
        2. Nursing Student Assignment Sheet
  2. Send Final Roster Attestation to Allina Health Academic Coordinator attesting that all required onboarding items are complete a minimum 2 weeks from clinical start
    1. For Nursing & Respiratory Therapy students needing cabinet access: submission of final roster to ADC/Omnicell Pharmacy Contacts
    2. For Site-Specific Parking & Badges (refer to site specific documents below) submission of final roster to site contacts
    3. Site Safety Leads: See Allina Pandemic- COVID-19-Precaution-Requirements: submission of final roster to Site Safety Lead

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