Make an appointment

A referral from your provider is needed to make an appointment.

If you have been referred for a sleep study, call 763-688-6421 to make an appointment.

If you have already scheduled a sleep study but have questions prior to your appointment, call 763-688-7999.

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Sleep studies

Sleep study lab

The sleep lab provides specialized testing to identify difficulties with sleep and/or staying awake.

Sleep-related breathing disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea are relatively common and are associated with cardiac disease, high blood pressure and daytime sleepiness. These disorders can cause injuries at work and/or motor vehicle accidents. Identification of a sleep-related breathing disorder can lead to proper treatment and prevention of secondary effects.

If you have concerns or a problem with your sleep, see your primary care provider. He or she may refer you to a sleep study or an appointment with a sleep specialist.

What is a sleep study?

A sleep study (polysomnogram) provides important information about whether your sleep is frequently interrupted, preventing you from getting the rest your body needs.

Sleep studies at Cambridge Medical Center are conducted in a private, comfortable bedroom equipped with color television and a private bathroom with shower.

If, during the first part of the study, the results show that you have obstructive sleep apnea, the technician may try a treatment device to treat your symptoms and improve your sleep.

Staff and location

Our staff includes a board certified sleep doctor and registered sleep technologists. Cambridge Medical Center's sleep study lab is on the fourth floor of the hospital.

Lab hours

Sleep studies are performed four nights a week, varied times. Day sleep studies can be performed for patients that work evening shifts.