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Mammography services

Mammography services

Women who get timely mammograms are enlisting a powerful tool to guard against breast cancer. These tests can help spot breast cancer early, long before it causes symptoms, when treatment works best.

3-D mammography

We are excited to offer the latest in breast screening technology called breast tomosynthesis, or 3-D mammography. Breast tomosynthesis creates 3-D images of a breast using low-dose digital X-rays. Visit Allina Health's 3-D mammography page or call us today to schedule your appointment. 3-D mammograms are optional. 2-D digital mammograms remain the standard of care.

2-D digital mammography

To ensure the best images with the least amount of exposure to radiation, Buffalo Hospital performs digital mammograms. Digital mammograms still use x-rays to view breast tissue. However, the images are captured electronically and provide better image quality compared to traditional film mammography.

Digital images are viewed on a computer, where a radiologist can magnify or adjust the image for better contrast and clearer details. Another advantage includes computer-aided detection. Often described as a second set of eyes, computer-aided detection provides a "second read" of the mammogram by computer, flagging suspicious areas so the radiologist can take a closer look.

Creating a comfortable experience

Buffalo Hospital offers expert care by compassionate professionals and the latest technology. Our mammography suite is designed for comfort and privacy to make the experience as relaxing as possible.

Mammography is usually not painful, but may be uncomfortable. To ease discomfort, we use a special Mammopad®. This pad is made of soft foam and serves as a cushion between you and the mammography machine, resulting in a warmer, softer, more comfortable mammogram.

Biopsies and surgical treatment for breast cancer

It's hard to wait for test results when you might have cancer. If mammograms indicate a potential cancer, patients are always offered a same-day needle biopsy, with no waiting, at Buffalo Hospital.

If surgery is required, cancer surgeries can be done at Buffalo Hospital. "With pathology on-site we can do most breast surgeries, including sentinel node, in the same up-to-date manner as major cancer centers," said Corinne Jordan, MD, Specialists in General Surgery, surgeon at Buffalo Hospital and medical advisor at Virginia Piper Cancer Institute.

Committed to quality

Buffalo Hospital's mammography services are accredited by the American College of Radiology (ACR). Accreditation demonstrates our commitment to quality patient care and let's our patients know they can be confident that our staff and equipment have passed the ACR's rigorous evaluation.

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You do not need a referral from your doctor for a screening mammogram if you are age 40 or older. To schedule your next mammogram, call Buffalo Hospital Imaging at 763-684-7550.

The American Cancer Society recommends getting a yearly mammogram starting at age 40, along with a breast exam by your doctor. If you are at high risk of breast cancer because of a family history of the disease or other factors, your doctor may recommend that you be tested more often and at an earlier age.