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Michenfelder family

Michenfelders choose Buffalo again

The Michenfelder's choose Buffalo Hospital again and again and again - and again!

Amy Michenfelder and her husband Pat live in St. Michael. Below they share how they choose Buffalo Hospital's Birth Center for all four of their babies.

"We did lots of research before choosing a hospital. First, we made sure we were comfortable with our doctor. Then we toured Buffalo Hospital's Birth Center and I liked cozy and intimate atmosphere. It was very personal and close to our home. Right away we felt Buffalo Hospital was right for us.

We had a great experience with our first daughter, Lucy. She had decelerations in labor, but my doctor and nurses were quick to have a team ready if there were any problems. Everything went fine, but it gave us confidence that even in smaller hospitals, you do have access to specialty care.

We kept coming back to Buffalo Hospital because of the great doctors and nurses. Our families live far from here, so we especially appreciate the amount of total loving care you get at Buffalo Hospital. It is very comforting. The nurses know you, know your baby's name and give you plenty of attention."

As we prepared to welcome our fourth child, my age put me in a higher risk category. I considered going to a larger hospital, but I am confident in my doctor. Buffalo Hospital has the level of expertise you'd find in a large hospital, but with a peaceful atmosphere.

There is just something special about having your baby where you live. We can drive past Buffalo Hospital and tell my kids "that's where you were born."