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Level II Nursery

Several times each month, a baby is born who needs a little extra medical care in the Buffalo Hospital Birth Center's Level II nursery.

Some are premature. Most just need temporary help with things like maintaining oxygen and blood sugar levels as they adjust to life outside the womb.

The Level II nursery keeps babies near their parents while they receive treatment and rest in high-tech baby warmers.

Babies who require additional breathing support or intensive care may be transferred to our affiliate Children's Hospital and Clinics of Minnesota.

"The Level II nursery is a huge benefit for our area," said Jimmy Ching, MD, a pediatrician with Allina Health Clinic - Buffalo. "The nursing staff is great. We can keep babies here while they transition from birth to routine care. The separate rooms keep the noise and activity of the Level II area away from the other babies."

Kristina Loken, MD, a Buffalo Clinic pediatrician, said the Level II nursery means that babies can be with their moms as much as possible.

"If we had just Level I, even the babies who need a little special care for a day or two would have to be moved to a different hospital," Loken said. "The Level II nursery keeps families near home and their support systems."

Doctors can do minor medical procedures in the Level II nursery. Its isolation room is rarely needed, but can be used for situations such as a baby who comes in from outside the hospital.

Loken and Ching have attended deliveries at Buffalo Hospital for more than a decade. They are just two of the many doctors who care for newborns and participate in the specialized care of Level II babies at the hospital.