Support for you

Community Cancer Care Fund 


The Community Cancer Care Fund is only for people who are actively receiving care for cancer. No exceptions can be made to this guideline. Active treatment includes chemotherapy, radiation, bone marrow transplant, surgery, lymphedema, hospice, palliative care, etc.

The fund serves patients of all ages receiving care on the Buffalo Hospital Campus. Previous recipients may apply one year after their previous application, for a maximum of three grants allowed.

What does the emergency fund cover?

Eligible covered expenses include:

  • Basic living expenses such as mortgage or rent, car payments, heat, electricity or other utilities and insurance.
  • Food and gas cards can be issued upon request.
  • The Community Cancer Care Fund cannot be used to make credit card payments, pay for any medical expenses besides insurance premiums, or prepay expenses.

How to apply

Applications are available to download, by calling 763-684-6800, or at the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute at Buffalo Hospital. A completed application, along with a copy of the bill (no originals, please) that includes all pertinent information — amount owed, billing address, etc. — must be submitted to:

  • Fax your application to 763-684-7105 (Attn: Community Cancer Care Fund) 

  • Mail your application to: 
    Buffalo Hospital Foundation
    303 Catlin St
    Buffalo, MN 55313
  • Return your completed application to your cancer care provider or care coordinator to fill out the Provider section and transfer to the Foundation for processing.