Ambassadors' Circle

Ambassadors Circle logoThe Ambassadors’ Circle is an annual society comprised of individuals and businesses who are dedicated to Buffalo Hospital and have given $1,000 or more to the Buffalo Hospital Foundation within a single calendar year. These gifts are crucial in helping Buffalo Hospital provide excellent patient care and improve quality of life for families in our community. Support at the Ambassadors’ Circle level is one of the most valuable gifts to Buffalo Hospital Foundation.

What impact will my gift have?

By making a yearly commitment at or above $1,000, you lead by example, bring a positive impact to the community, and shape Buffalo Hospital’s future as a place that provides excellent care close to home. Your gifts sustain and strengthen Buffalo Hospital Foundation’s important work and make a profound statement about the commitment to healthcare and wellness in our community. The sustained support of Ambassadors’ Circle members will allow us to expand the services and amenities provided by Buffalo Hospital, support patients and their families in times of great need, and encourage a healthy, happy community through local health and wellness initiatives.

Ambassadors’ Circle privileges

Your annual gift to the Ambassadors’ Circle during the calendar year qualifies you for the following privileges:

  • Members are invited to annual events specific to the Circle with the hospital president and leaders as a way to celebrate their support and share Buffalo Hospital’s long-term plans.
  • Members receive invitations to hospital special events and ribbon cuttings.
  • Members are recognized in the Ambassadors’ Circle Online Honor Roll, Buffalo Hospital Foundation Annual Report, and Recognition Wall inside Buffalo Hospital.
  • Members receive an Ambassadors’ Circle digital badge to use on website or emails.

To learn more about the Ambassadors’ Circle, contact Ashley Andersen at 763-684-6800.