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Missy Dreckman
Regional Foundation Manager

Buffalo Hospital Foundation
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Buffalo Hospital Foundation's mission is to be a catalyst for innovative services and facilities to improve community health.

The Buffalo Hospital Foundation was formed in 2007 to ensure the stability and future viability of healthcare in Wright county and the surrounding areas.

As a not-for-profit organization, Buffalo Hospital reinvests its earnings to provide and expand services and facilities. However, earnings alone are not keeping pace with the ever-growing health care needs of our community. We are looking for partners to join forces with us to help bridge the gap so that our neighbors can continue to benefit from exceptional health services, right in their backyard!

We invite you to join us on a journey of real impact and life-changing potential. Please take a few minutes to learn about our current needs, see how the generosity of our past and current partnerships has been put into action, and discover the many options for how you can come along with us to foster healthier communities.

Together we can do great things!