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Your digital diabetes assistant

BlueStar is an easy-to-use, digital health platform that can help you manage your diabetes and make better decisions about your health—while strengthening connections to care teams.

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Sync devices and stay connected

By connecting with 400+ smart devices, including fitness trackers and blood glucose meters, track the most important vital signs—and gain access to several health metrics in one place.

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Make better health decisions

Get real-time, personalized feedback, digital coaching, insights and education to better understand and self-manage health every day.


Help care team deliver better care

Securely share health data and insights with the care team—guiding important discussions and decisions, both during and between visits.

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Understand how diet affects health

Learn how different foods influence your health. Simply snap a picture of a meal and get nutrition information, or explore Meal Planner and Restaurant Helper.


Use smart medication reminders

Easily input medications, or securely import them from the pharmacy, Use reminders to keep track of all medications—so that a dose is never missed.

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Tracking fitness and troubleshooting sleep

Understand how sleep and exercise affect you. Problem-solve sleep issues and find new fitness motivation.

How you can get started

  1. Registration – Your care team will send you an email with a personalized link to download and register for BlueStar in a single step—be sure to download the app from the link only (and not from the app store)
  2. Enrollment – The app will walk you through a series of questions to enroll you in the BlueStar program to help monitor your diabetes—if you’d like help with your enrollment, you can call BlueStar Customer Care at 1-888-327-5345, available Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
  3. Personalization – Once you’ve enrolled, you can connect medical devices like an activity tracker or blood glucose meter and track your progress from the app
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Quick BlueStar app tips

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Adjust settings

Customize the experience. Modify settings and ensure that BlueStar is set to daily schedule, language and email preferences.

Go to: More > Settings > My Daily Schedule
Go to: More > Settings > My Preferences > Marketing Emails and Product Emails

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Connect devices

Every health journey begins with a single step. Once devices are synced, data can be immediately uploaded to the Logbook.

Go to: More > Connections & Devices > Glucose Meter
Or go to: More > Connections & Devices > Health and Fitness Trackers

The fine print

BlueStar® is indicated for use by healthcare providers (HCPs) and their patients—aged 18 years and older - who have type 1 or type 2 diabetes. BlueStar is intended to provide secure capture, storage, and transmission of glucose data as well as information to aid in diabetes self-management. BlueStar analyzes, and reports glucose test results and supports medication adherence. In addition, BlueStar provides coaching messages (motivational, behavioral, and educational) based on real-time glucose values and trends. It includes software intended for use on mobile phones or personal computers in the home or in professional healthcare settings. The software also allows for entry of other diabetes-related healthcare information and provides educational information. 

The following BlueStar insulin management features are for prescription use only:

  • For bolus insulin users with type 1 or type 2 diabetes, BlueStar includes an insulin dose calculator* to allow patients to use their prescribed regimen to calculate a dose of bolus insulin for a given amount of carbohydrates and/or glucose value.
  • For basal insulin users with type 2 diabetes, BlueStar includes an Insulin Adjustment Program (IAP) which calculates appropriate long-acting basal insulin doses for titrating insulin levels based on configuration by a healthcare provider. The healthcare provider must activate the IAP and configure it with patient-specific parameters.
  • For bolus insulin users with type 2 diabetes, the BlueStar IAP calculates appropriate dose adjustments of bolus insulin based on configuration of a healthcare provider. Qualified type 2 diabetes patients are those who are not achieving glycemic targets despite optimization of their basal insulin dose or their current bolus insulin regimen.
  • For premixed insulin users with type 2 diabetes, the BlueStar IAP calculates appropriate dose adjustments of premixed insulin based on the configuration of a healthcare provider. Qualified type 2 diabetes patients are those who are not achieving glycemic targets and who do not take other types of insulin. 

BlueStar is not intended to replace the care provided by a licensed healthcare professional, including prescriptions, diagnosis, or treatment. 
*Insulin Dose Calculator may also be referred to as Insulin Calculator