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[Elk River Star, February 14, 2015]   Dan Olson’s first defibrillator never went off in the 10 years it was implanted in his body. His second one replaced his first one about five years ago, and it stood guard under Olson’s skin between his heart and shoulder for nearly another five years before it was called into serious action.
February 14, 2016
[Elk River Star News, August 21, 2009]   While the Otsego city council debates the speed of ambulance response times in suburban and rural communities, Allina Medical Transportation is held up as an example of a service that maintains quick response times throughout its service area. Some ambulance services, like Allina’s, remain mobile, explains Steve Dittbenner, coordinator for the Elk River Fire and Ambulance Service, which serves part of Otsego.
August 21, 2009