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[Bloomberg Businessweek, September 01, 2020]   Dr. Penny Wheeler, CEO at Allina Health and Dr. Craig Samitt, President of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Minnesota discuss their value-based agreement to provide more affordable health care
September 01, 2020
[Business Journal, August 27, 2020]   In a major shift in how a health insurer pays for medical services, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota will start paying Allina Health System for patient outcomes instead of individual medical services
August 27, 2020
[MinnPost, September 15, 2017]   In the Twin Cities region, Minneapolis-based Allina Health and Bloomington-based HealthPartners are competing providers. But in the northwest corner of the metro, the two nonprofit health systems are working together in a unique partnership.
September 15, 2017
[Star Tribune, August 08, 2015]   Health care systems in Minnesota have a unique history of setting aside competitive instincts to pursue common improvements in patient care, such as the “Safest in America” partnership a decade ago, when metro hospitals agreed on a technique to mark the sites of surgical incisions. But a joint venture by Allina Health and HealthPartners to improve care in the northwest metro has taken that spirit a step further.
August 08, 2015
[Pioneer Press, July 14, 2014]   A program to lower health costs through new payment contracts with doctors and hospitals generated about $10.5 million in savings during its first year, according to state officials. The new contracts let health care providers share in the savings when quality care is provided more efficiently.
July 17, 2014
[Wall Street Journal, April 06, 2014]   Dr. Alan Bank , a cardiologist at United Heart & Vascular Clinic , St. Paul, writes in the Wall Street Journal about how medical scribes are saving money and improving patient satisfaction: We often think that a complex problem (such as health care in the U.S.) requires a complex solution (Obamacare). Yet some important issues that are not adequately addressed with the current health care overhaul include decreased patient and physician satisfaction, reduced access to care, and the increasing cost of care.
April 06, 2014
[MINNPOST, March 18, 2014]   This is the first in an occasional series on late-in-life health care—when chronic illness or a constellation of medical problems can cause a cascade of new needs, complications and worries. This yearlong examination of issues faced by such patients and their families is funded through a grant by Allina Health from the Robina Foundation.
March 18, 2014
[Star Tribune, August 11, 2013]   Five years ago, Dr. Richard Adair had what some might find a peculiar idea: Hire a cadre of personable but inexperienced workers, place them in medical clinics, and have them counsel chronically ill patients to help improve their health and cut their medical costs. After a pilot program in 2008, Allina Health clinics in the Twin Cities launched a yearlong study funded primarily by the nonprofit Robina Foundation.
August 16, 2013
[Star Tribune, August 07, 2013]   Two major players in Minnesota health care have teamed up on a new insurance plan they say removes obstacles that keep people from ­getting the best care. The plan that Allina Health and insurer Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota unveiled Tuesday offers a handful of free office visits plus full coverage of many prescription drugs and lab screenings.
August 07, 2013
[Star Tribune, December 09, 2012]   Minnesota's hospitals and clinics are on a hiring spree, and they're not just looking for the usual MDs and RNs. Penny Wheeler, chief clinical officer for Allina Health , said this approach to health care, forming a team around a patient and giving them someone to make sure nothing is lost in the shuffle, means a few positions are in high demand. Primary care doctors, for one.
December 09, 2012