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[Star Tribune, November 03, 2013]   Sunshine Heart Inc. is creating plenty of buzz with a new heart assist device that could reverse heart damage in some patients.
November 04, 2013
[, June 05, 2013]   Minneapolis-based Allina Health is digging deeper, mining the stores of data that telehealth enriches. “I think we’re just scratching the surface” of telehealth’s potential, says Susan Heichert, chief information officer for Allina Health and a registered nurse.
June 06, 2013
[Star Tribune, November 28, 2012]   At Abbott Northwestern Hospital, part of Allina Health, on Tuesday, Francis Valek became the first Minnesotan to be implanted with Boston Scientific's subcutaneous implantable ICD (S-ICD) -- the world's first defibrillator that does not connect to the heart with wires. In fact, the device delivers its jolt without actually touching the heart at all.
November 28, 2012
[Pioneer Press, April 06, 2011]   Patients are living longer than ever with implantable defibrillators, so the Minnesota companies that make the devices should develop longer-lasting batteries. Those conclusions come from a study presented this week at a scientific meeting in New Orleans by Dr. Robert Hauser and colleagues at the Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital.
April 06, 2011
[Star Tribune, June 06, 2010]   Last summer, Barbara Grangaard developed a slight tremor in her right hand and went in for an MRI scan. The results were a surprise.
June 07, 2010
[River Falls Journal, December 31, 2009]   The River Falls Area Hospital Foundation will launch a new fundraising campaign to purchase a LUCAS Chest Compression System, the latest in life-saving cardiac technology, for the hospital’s emergency department. Community members will be contacted by mail and phone and will be invited to make a contribution to support the purchase of this state-of-the-art equipment.
December 31, 2009
[WCCO-TV News, August 01, 2009]   It took a crane and a large hatch cut into the roof of St. Paul's United Hospital to install a new MRI machine today. WCCO's Dennis Douda reports on the installation of the new high-tech imaging device and its benefits.
August 01, 2009